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Yangzhou Xintianhe Rope Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of R&D, production and sales of Hawsers & Mooring ropes, which located in Jiangsu province and occupied 30000 square meters area, with registered capital of 100 million Yuan.

Our company owns two brands Qiang Shun? and Xin tian he?.

The diameter of rope is from 2mm to 300mm.Structures can be 3-strands,6-strands,8-strands,12-strands,24-strands(double braided),32-strands(double braided),48-strands(double braided)and multi structure braided rope and various net series products furthermore we can also provide customized business of rope for our clients.

Our main products including Polypropylene Rope(PP),High-strength Polypropylene Rope, Nylon/PA Rope, Polyamide Multifilament Rope, Mixed rope(PP/PET),Nylon Monofilament and Continuous Filament(XTH-ATLAS), Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Rope(UHMWPE),Vinylon Rope(Kuremona Rope),Polyester(PET),Aramid(PPTA) ,Heaving Line, Flag Rope;PP rope, Cargo Net Slings, Gangway Safety Nets, Hatch Cover Nets, Climbing Nets, Safety Nets, Rescue Scoop, Non-Slip Nets(Helicopter Platform), Fall Preventer Device, Man rope, Rope Ladder, Mooring Tails, Stopper Rope with a Shackle, Nylon Rope Slings and so on.

We have the complete set of advanced production and testing equipments, certified by ISO9001:2000 we can offer CCS, BV, ABS, NK, GL, KR, LR, DNV certifications authorized by ship classification society and the third-party test like SGS etc.

SHANGHAI is our sales head office in CHINA, we have own warehouse in Shanghai, The amount of stock is more than 100 tons of ropes at one time, with complete specification varieties, super competitive price and 24 hours free delivery to port in Shanghai. In Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other ports we also have warehouses and stock, car service providing distribution and the omni-directional service for you in China.
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